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Personalization Ideas for your Mom and Mother-in-Law

If you're at a loss for words and having trouble thinking of some personalization wording of your own, this page may be of help. I have put together some sentimental thoughts that can be used to personalize your handkerchiefs for your mother and soon to be mother-in-law.


For Your Mom:

Thank you
for sharing this
special day.

My Mama
My Inspiration
My Heart
By Best Friend

Mama's Little Girl

For joyful tears

A hanky to dry up
your happy tears
Love, (bride and groom's names)

You have made me
who I am.
(bride and groom's name)
(wedding date)

I will always be
your little girl.

My Mother
My Angel
Love, (bride's name)

Mother of the Bride

Mom of the Bride

For your tears of joy
on my wedding day.

To my loving mother
on my wedding day
(wedding date)

My best friend,
I am so blessed
to have you.

We've laughed,
we've cried,
and always shown
you care.

Mother...for all the
loving years you
dried my tears

Thank you for
always being there

Your nurturing has
made me the man
I am today

Where would I be
without my Mommy?

Proverbs 31:29

To dry those
tears of joy

Thanks for
your unconditional
love and support
Love, (name)

For Your Mother-in-Law

To my beautiful
mother on my
wedding day

To my beautiful
on my wedding day

To Mom with Love

With love to Mama,
on my wedding day

Thank you
for giving me
your greatest gift
Love, (your name)

You haven't lost a
son, but gained a
daughter. Love ya!

For joyful tears
we will share as a
family - Love, (name)

To my new
mother-in-law and
friend. Love, (bride's name)

You are a special part
in my heart.

For your tears of joy
on our wedding day.

I am so blessed
to have you

Mother to be
A sister to me

Thank you for
sharing our dreams

Thank you for your
love and support

To wipe the tears
as your son is wed

Because you share
in our lives

Thank you for
raising (son's name) to
be the man of my

Thank you for your
love and kindness

For the gift of your

For the gift of your

Thank you for
a wonderful son



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